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import pandas as pd

import featuretools as ft

[docs]def load_weather(nrows=None, return_single_table=False): """ Load the Australian daily-min-temperatures weather dataset. Args: nrows (int): Passed to nrows in ``pd.read_csv``. return_single_table (bool): Exit the function early and return a dataframe. """ filename = "daily-min-temperatures.csv" print("Downloading data ...") url = "{}?library=featuretools&version={}".format( filename, ft.__version__, ) data = pd.read_csv(url, index_col=None, nrows=nrows) if return_single_table: return data es = make_es(data) return es
def make_es(data): es = ft.EntitySet("Weather Data") es.add_dataframe( data, dataframe_name="temperatures", index="id", make_index=True, time_index="Date", ) return es