Source code for featuretools.primitives.standard.aggregation.mode

import numpy as np
from woodwork.column_schema import ColumnSchema

from featuretools.primitives.base.aggregation_primitive_base import AggregationPrimitive
from featuretools.utils.gen_utils import Library

[docs]class Mode(AggregationPrimitive): """Determines the most commonly repeated value. Description: Given a list of values, return the value with the highest number of occurences. If list is empty, return `NaN`. Examples: >>> mode = Mode() >>> mode(['red', 'blue', 'green', 'blue']) 'blue' """ name = "mode" input_types = [ColumnSchema(semantic_tags={"category"})] return_type = None description_template = "the most frequently occurring value of {}" def get_function(self, agg_type=Library.PANDAS): def pd_mode(s): return s.mode().get(0, np.nan) return pd_mode