EntitySet.add_interesting_values(max_values=5, verbose=False, dataframe_name=None, values=None)[source]#

Find or set interesting values for categorical columns, to be used to generate “where” clauses

  • max_values (int) – Maximum number of values per column to add.

  • verbose (bool) – If True, print summary of interesting values found.

  • dataframe_name (str) – The dataframe in the EntitySet for which to add interesting values. If not specified interesting values will be added for all dataframes.

  • values (dict) – A dictionary mapping column names to the interesting values to set for the column. If specified, a corresponding dataframe_name must also be provided. If not specified, interesting values will be set for all eligible columns. If values are specified, max_values and verbose parameters will be ignored.


Finding interesting values is not supported with Dask or Spark EntitySets. To set interesting values for Dask or Spark EntitySets, values must be specified with the values parameter.