EntitySet.query_by_values(dataframe_name, instance_vals, column_name=None, columns=None, time_last=None, training_window=None, include_cutoff_time=True)[source]#

Query instances that have column with given value

  • dataframe_name (str) – The id of the dataframe to query

  • instance_vals (pd.Dataframe, pd.Series, list[str] or str) – Instance(s) to match.

  • column_name (str) – Column to query on. If None, query on index.

  • columns (list[str]) – Columns to return. Return all columns if None.

  • time_last (pd.TimeStamp) – Query data up to and including this time. Only applies if dataframe has a time index.

  • training_window (Timedelta, optional) – Window defining how much time before the cutoff time data can be used when calculating features. If None, all data before cutoff time is used.

  • include_cutoff_time (bool) – If True, data at cutoff time are included in calculating features


instances that match constraints with ids in order of underlying dataframe

Return type: