Featuretools Enterprise

Featuretools Enterprise offers additional primitives, functionality, performance and expert support.

Premium Primitives

Feature primitives are the building blocks of Featuretools. They define individual computations that can be applied to raw datasets to create new features. Featuretools Enterprise contains over 100 domain-specific premium primitives to help you build better features for more accurate models. A list of all premium primitives can be obtained by visiting primitives.featurelabs.com.

Running Featuretools with Spark and Dask

Looking to easily scale Featuretools to bigger datasets or integrate it into your existing big data infrastructure? Whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud, you can run Featuretools Enterprise with Apache Spark and Dask. We have yet to encounter a dataset that is too large to handle.

The Featuretools development team is continually working to improve integration with Dask and Spark for performing feature engineering at scale. If you have a big data problem and are interested in testing our latest Dask or Spark integrations for free, please let us know by completing this simple request form.

Expert Support

All subscriptions come with guidance from the creators and core developers of Featuretools. Whether you need help getting a project off the ground or scaling Featuretools usage across your organization, we’ll provide our expertise to help you build the best machine learning models possible.

Early access

The team at Feature Labs is always working on the next big thing. With a subscription to Featuretools Enterprise, you can test and provide feedback on new tools and automation technologies before they are released.

Visit featurelabs.com to learn more about Featuretools Enterprise.